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Welcome dear crew members,
today is the start of our thrilling 7-day trip through the realms of our ravishing server, where you will discover parts of what we were working hard for over one year, just to make YOU the luckiest players of MTA.
Everyone was waiting for this moment for a really long time, including ourselves.
After a long wait, this is the moment when we bring to light what we think it is one of the most advanced and good-looking server in the whole MTA history. No more words needed, so let’s watch together how a new page in the history of this game is being written.


Without doubt, Deathmatch is the most popular racing gamemode at the moment. The goal of this gamemode is to be the last survivor, by winning adrenaline-filled hunter battles or being the last one standing through the skilled maps made by the community members. Besides the regular DM arena, we will have arenas dedicated to Old School maps, for the lovers of classic maps.

Destruction Derby

Even if, over the years, this gamemode lost plenty of lovers, it still stands as one of the main gamemodes of MTA Racing. The goal is to be the last player standing, pushing everyone else in the water using no more than your own vehicle. We will have three sub-arenas, a Casual one with a range of vehicles and creative maps, a Cross one for the hardcore players, containing only cross maps having Cheetah, Tampa or Bullet as the main vehicle and a secret arena that we will unveil soon. We want The Crew Gaming to become the main hub for DD of MTA, uniting the more scattered than ever playerbase. From using feedback of veteran players to introducing new and never seen features, we want to bring fresh air into this legacy gamemode.


Hunter is a destructive vehicle which plays a major role in a Deathmatch gamemode. With dozens of people falling in love with the gamemode, it's essential for them to train, become better and take down their enemies either in a simple multiplayer game or a clan war. For some people controlling the vehicle is a piece of cake, whereas others might suffer while having a bad aim or flying skill. Perfect room to keep your skills sharpened!


Shooter is one of the earliest discovered gamemodes in the whole game. With a large area to participate on against others, it's never been boring to play in a Shooter room. Ever since it's first emergence, hundreds of players began creating their own Shooter organizations and clans. However, the gamemode itself didn't actually change that much in years except from crazy jump markers appearing on maps, as well as jump scripts being implemented for players to work on new strategies against their opponents. Much alike Hunter, but more diverse and insane.


This gamemode has always been a great time killer ever since it's first introduction. FUN is known for having a variety of craziest maps with many different implemented ideas. Even though it could also be considered as the least serious arena in one server, people still enjoy coming in and out to receive a dose of what the gamemode is named after - fun.


Race is the gamemode which gave a great start for many other various gamemodes. DM, DD, Shooter and all those related rooms are based on original race gamemode developed by Multi Theft Auto developers. The prior task of Race is nothing else but to complete different courses created by players, usually on San Andreas platform. Race includes driving, swimming and even flying through checkpoints until someone reaches final one which declares him as a winner of a round. Race players also love participating for the best toptimes in the world, making the gamemode more exciting as it already is.


The perfect arena for the ones who want to have the upper edge in all kinds of competitions. Offering support for DM, Race and DD maps, plus every tool you need to train, we aim to deliver the most complete training experience from MTA.

Mysterious Arenas

The Crew Gaming is open for many more gamemodes to come. Our secret arenas are ready to cut off the boundaries of basic Multi Theft Auto racing and provide many abilities to create your own virtual reality.