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Interface aka HUD

Interface, also known as HUD, is an essential set of elements that you can see in every game, every server. HUD comes up with elements such as radar, speedometer, an item you're holding, health bars and many more, making it extremely important for player's guidance in a particular game. We, The Crew Gaming, are no exception, therefore we are willing to create the most advanced and user-friendly interface for the greatest gaming experience. Check what we prepared for you today!

Our HUD elements are coming with a very simple, yet beautiful, professional and appealing for everyone design. Every element is animated in it's own unique way and doesn't take a lot of screen space,
making the gameplay very clear without any disturbing outside effects.
Down below you can see 5 elements that we selected for the Day 2 of Discover The Crew

Arena Notifications

Notifications bars that come up with fancy feature-related icons

Radar & arena map names

Radar and animation of purchased map appearing on the left corner


Countdown with unusual animation of changing numbers.


Speedometer which also comes with Health and NOS circles around it

Time left & passed

Animated round timer