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PowerDD - a fresh layer for Destruction Derby

A couple of days ago when we introduced Discover The Crew, our arenas list was never finished due to mysterious ones we're hiding. One of them was first introduced year and a half ago and immediately blasted to the top of players' favorite arenas. It's challenging, fun and never gets boring! In case you're not familiar with PowerDD arena, check it out below!

PowerDD is a Destruction Derby based arena with 8 unique power-ups/abilities. Vehicles and maps remain the same, except for random power-ups appearing in random places all around the map. Players in PowerDD spawn with randomly selected power-up and are able to change them by driving on a power-up pickup. Driving on your favorite Destruction Derby courses with a selection of game-varying abilities makes the game exceptionally fun! Down below is a list of all 8 power-ups and their amazing abilities:

Choose power from the list of avaliable powers below:


When your vehicle runs out of health, starts burning and there's nothing to repair it with, Heal power-up is the best choice to stay alive! It removes Ignite infection, completely repairs your vehicle, and you're once again ready to kick some players down!


Ignite power-up is a great surprise gift for your worst enemies. Hit them and infect them with this health-draining power-up! It will certainly cut their health close to zero!


Have you ever wanted to trick your enemies by avoiding their powerful hits? Ghost power-up disables your vehicle's collisions are you're free to roam without getting bothered by anyone! Make sure to check how long it lasts because it's not permanent!


Another great ability to trick the player that's about to hit you. Pay him a surprise and use Jump power-up! It will not only distract the enemy but also chances for him to fall into water are high!


Lacking some force to hit players with? Speed-Up power-up increases your vehicle's speed giving you extra force to hit and take down your enemy when needed! Great ability to use for tricks as well.


Do you just want to not lose any of health when hit by a player? Shield protection is what you need. It's also one of those abilities to watch when it runs out because it's not permanent and you won't stay invincible forever!


This power-up can make you feel like you're playing Shooter! Do you want to blast one, two, or even three players with a rocket explosion? Destructive Rocket ability is what you need! Be careful with your aim and don't hit your friends.


Yet another great way to trick a player when you seem him speeding towards you! Freeze ability prevents the force created by your enemy and freezes your vehicle completely! Splendid ability to scare players and fake your incoming hits as well.

All powers except "Ignite" can be activated by clicking RMB

Power indicator

In the bottom right corner you can see a PowerDD indicator which informs you about your health and power-up drain/recharge.

Radar pickups

Power-up pickups are displayed on your radar with pickup's unique color.

Power notifications

When picking a power-up, you are also going to be notified with a fancy notification bar.

Power pickups

To change your ability, you have to drive on power-up pickups that appear on your current map.