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Custimize your look with Themes

As we said at the beginning of this campaign, we consider that our project is one of the most advanced and good-looking servers in the whole MTA history. One of the features that backs this statement is a wide array of customization available for the player. Today, we decided to show you Themes, a unique feature that will allow you to fit your gaming experience closer to your visual taste.

Now, we want to show you 3 predefined themes, each one fully optimized and ready to please with its details and soothing colors. We are working hard at every detail because, for us, they’re the key to a perfect UI.

Blue Grey

The original. This was the main look of the server before we decided to implement Themes. Combining red details with blueish grey backgrounds, this theme will blend surprisingly well in every window and will please your eyes.

Blue Cosmo

The futurist. The Munsell blue details are blending perfectly with the Space Cadet background, giving you a space-like atmosphere while browsing through our server and creating exciting memories.

White Clouds

The refreshingly simple. Having cloud white backgrounds combined with bleu celeste elements will deliver a familiar, yet modern look to your interactions across the server, making you feel like a bird across the sky.

Check this in action

Real footage from server that shows themes in action