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Responsive interface

Today we are going to show something that doesn't come in the list of most important features for many clans. We'd like to call it Responsive Design which applies for all kinds of different resolutions. Design includes basic User Interface elements and for us, it's really important that users with low-end PCs could experience the same gaming experience like those with high-end setups.

Comparing Interfaces

Down below we have prepared screens that come in pairs for different resolutions. We allow you to compare and begin to understand why it is so important for us to prepare great looking User Interface and allow users with low hardware to have unforgettable gaming experience.

Alternative HUD sizes

We also prepared plenty of customization options for those players that maybe will not like our predefined HUD sizes. Let's be honest, everyone has a different taste so let's check some examples out!

Time passed/left

If round timers up above are looking too big for you, you can always make them smaller.


Same goes with Speedometer's components. Customize them as you like!

Current & next map names

In case you cannot read out the name of the map you're playing, make it look better in settings!
All images are captured in upcoming The Crew Gaming server
Comparison images taken from the largest MTA Race server - FFS Gaming