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Diversify Your Gameplay with The Crew Music

Everyone loves listening to their favorite artists at any time of the day. In Multi Theft Auto, it's really hard to find a great stay in a server which could offer a vast selection of music. Playing the same maps over and over, listening to the same old music gets boring without a question. Keeping our players entertained and satisfied is one of our top priorities and today we are proud to introduce our in-game music application - The Crew Music.

The Crew Music is unlike anything you've ever seen before in Multi Theft Auto. Coming with absolutely beautiful design, many different features and being connected to Spotify database makes it the most advanced music player in the game. You won't find any troubles browsing for your favorite artists and their creations because latest music and songs are immediately imported into database. Our music player also allows you to adjust the volume, sort your favorite songs and artists into special categories, create your own playlists and much more! Check it out!

The Crew Music

Down below is some of the captured footage of The Crew Music from our server
Note that it's not the final version and it will be developed even further