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Having a scoreboard in a multiplayer game is essential. Scoreboard is one of the most important features for user's navigation in a server he's playing at. Different scoreboards can not only be used for browsing players and their stats in a particular arena but also to execute different commands and functions. For us, it's extremely important to create a clear and user-friendly scoreboard for every day's use.


Our scoreboard comes with a clean, fresh, top notch design and a very simple navigation. It displays most important statistics of a player and also allows you to do special things when clicking on one. Double click on a player's name on the scoreboard and you will be able to access Quick Options menu, where you will be able to join player's arena, display his color codes, stats, add him to ignore list and many more!

Additional Features

We also have some extra customization options that will allow you to customize the scoreboard in the way you like the most!
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